Saturday, April 10th

I was in Santa Monica walking through a trendy district, searching for celebrities to interview for my new position with the nationally syndicated Daren Streblow comedy show when who do I bumped into, but  Filmmaker Jason Russell. The guy who made the 100 million viewed,  Kony 2012 viral video. He has captured the world’s attention, bringing a truly moving story to light surrounding the plight of Uganda and the crimes of War lord Joseph Kony .

Most recently Jason Russell had a melt down and was screaming half naked in the streets of San Diego apparently loosing his mind from all the mounting pressure and public scrutiny.

Here he is standing in front of me. I could not believe it.  I walked closer to him, pretending to be checking out the movie show times behind the box office of the theater where we were both standing.  Sure looks like him?

I said ” Jason”.   He says “yes”.   I said “Are you Jason?” He says ” My name is Jason”.

Joby- Jason from Kony 2012?


Joby-Wow, that was…..God Bless you! Great stuff. What are you doing?

Jason- We are here to see the Lormax movie, he politely introduced me to 2 of his companions. Have you seen it?

Joby-No. Do you know Thor Ramsey?

(Thor is a comedian friend of mine, I was recently surfing the web and somehow clicked on the Kony 2012 video and a Thor Ramsey video at the same time causing me to view the Kony video while hearing Thor doing one of his comedy routines and I thought  Thor had done the voice over. I would see scenes of Joseph Kony and his army of  armed jungle Rebels,while I could hear Thor talk about the difficulties with women in relationships. I later assumed it was a tech glich but for some crazy reason searching for something to say/connect with Jason I said “Do you know Thor Ramsey?”.

Jason- No.(Taking my question seriously)

Joby- Oh, well I’m a comedian and…..

Jason- “Are those your jokes?”(pointing to my notebook)

Joby- Yes, these are, would it be possible to get a interview?

Jason motioned for his group and I don’t remember what he said exactly other than the dissussion was over.

Everything began to whirl through my head,…. what is happening? I couldn’t believe I just spoke to the guy that has created such a media sensation. I trully believe he is doing gods work in Uganda and making a difference in the struggles of these poor people.

Far be it from me to do anything that would jepordize him and his organizations efforts.

I called my Radio partner and Friend Daren Streblow but he nor anyone else answered …..” If I could get just a tiny interview of Jason saying three sentences it could go viral! Easily.

hummmm……..What to do? I talked to myself for over a hour and a half and had he not come out I would have lost it and gotten my viral video in the wrong way.

I walked into the Theater without a ticket because I knew my recorder wouldn’t pick up much quaility sound in the promenade street area.

It didn’t take long and he and his group came out talking about the movie, I knew he would be squeamish answering certain questions so I said ” Excuse me innocent by stander, what did you think about the movie”

Jason said ” I can’t have you recording….

Joby- I know but,

Jason- ” I can’t have you recording, I’m sorry”

Joby- I know you get this all the time but if I could just  get… a …interview.

As they were walking away I suggested we could set something up and he agreed to take my card, I thanked them and that was that.

By asking for the interview I missed out on having a lengthy conversation with him. Still who would believe me if I didn’t get it recorded or something?  I have to say he seemed like a normal, cool guy. Maybe he’ll call.

Listen to the audio excerpt on the Daren Streblow comedy show, Nationally syndicated radio show!