oct 2013 -Today I walked up to the line at Starbucks and noticed a gold credit card on the floor. I picked it up and looked at the first name on the card and asked the gentleman standing in front of me, ” are you?”…uh..  Angelo? …..no, he said. I asked another. He said to. I saw another guy standing in front of the milk and sugar station….so I approached him and asked  ” excuse me, are you Angelo? He said yes, without even looking up to see who I was? He just kept stirring?

I turned to the Starbucks staff in bewilderment…..not sure if I should turn the card in or proceede with my investigation.  So, I looked down at the card and read the last name and asked him ” Is your last name Petraglia? (I’m sure I pronounced it wrong) but if it is he, he should respond with some degree of recognition I thought.

He took a deep sigh, and said yes.

ah, great. Is this your card?

He looked straight into my eyes and took the card.

“What is your name?”

I said ” joby Sad”


“Joby Sad”

Angelo- What kind of name is that?



Joby-Yeah, my mom thought it sounded cute, Saad is Lebanese.

He didn’t know what to say but I was a bit miffed he didn’t seemed more apprciative.

Angelo- Let me see something with your name on it”

Joby-(I’m confused? I should be asking him for I.D. but for some reason I felt like I had to prove I was a Joby Sad, Like who would want to make that up? So, I showed him I.D.

He relaxed and I think he thanked me for returning his credit card and I remarked, yeah when’s your next show? ” Good luck, I’ll catch your next show” ……..He feace returned to the non trusting uncertain look he had given me earlier. I didn’t know who he was but I just assumed with his long hair stuffed into a black cap and grunge, yet non poor look he must be a musician.

Whats his deal? I said to someone else who had witnessed the escapade ” –  Bystander- “He is a real famous songwriter, Won a bunch of Grammy’s, he wrote the songs and created “Kings of Leon” ……That was Angelo Petraglia.”